Top 3 Social Media Dating Stories That’ll Make You Swoon

Top 3 Social Media Dating Stories That’ll Make You Swoon


The Tinder Couple

Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, aged 22 and 21 respectively, spent three years texting each other and never met. Their Tinder conversation seemed to be based on a joke that both of them were stubborn enough to not end. Their story went viral when Josh posted screenshots of their conversation on Twitter.

Tinder even offered them a free date vacation!

The Tinder couple chose Hawaii and Tinder agreed.


Before they went on their vacation, they met for the first time on the stage of Good Morning America on live television! They hugged each other and seemed very happy. They were soon to be off to the perfect date location!


(Image credits: Perez Hilton)

The Twitter Couple

Torey Stachowicz, a personal trainer asked Ben Axelroad, a sports writer out on a date through a unique way on Twitter. See for yourself!


The best part is that their story doesn’t end here. It gets better. Four years later, Ben asked her to marry him in the same way!

This is the perfect fairytale ending. Who said you can’t find love online?

The Snapchat Couple

This last story is about Abby, known as the Mystery Girl, and Reed, known as the Vikings Fan. Abby saw a hot guy in a Vikings jersey on the campus Snapchat story and snapped, “Guy wearing the Vikings jersey on the UW snap story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me.” Reed responded and their Snapchat story went viral. The University students made sure that these two met! BeFunky-collage They finally met in a swoon-worthy hug! hjio If only we all had the guts to do what Abby did.